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Monterey, CA


De Tierra Vindegard Chardonnay 2011

100% Chardonnay Alcohol: 14.1% Total Cases Produced: 90
Aromas of pineapple, pear, and hints of early spring floral notes with vanilla custard. A restrained oak treatment offers hints of spice with a crisp finish and lovely fruit structure. Perfect with shell fish, quiches, spicy chicken and shrimp.


De Tierra Russell Estate Chardonnay 2011

100% Chardonnay Alcohol: 14.4% Total Cases Produced: 137
Certified organic. A honey golden wine with generous viscosity and a softly floral nose. The palate has a lush mouthfeel with notes of pear, kiwi, and a touch of caramel custard. The finish lingers with hints of toffee, pear, and crisp acidity.


De Tierra Pinot Noir Monterey 2008

100% Pinot Noir Alcohol: 14.4% Total Cases Produced: 960
Monterey is the perfect Pinot Noir climate! This Pinot is made in a fruit forward style with aromas of strawberry, spices, and toffee. Aged for 12 months in Oak. The palate begins with gentle floral notes and expands to toffee and hard spice notes, then finishes with lingering notes of toffee and espresso.


De Tierra Tondre Grapefield Pinot Noir 2011

100% Pinot Noir Alcohol: 14.4% Total Cases Produced: 97
This Pinot was grown in the Santa Lucia Highlands where the warmer climate produces a more opulent Pinot Noir. A complex combination of spice, dark red fruit combined with foresty, mushroom, smoky notes. Pair it with earthy mushroom dishes and rich roasted pork entrees.


De Tierra Organic Merlot 2008

100% Merlot Alcohol: 14.5% Total Cases Produced: 550
Aromas of old roses and stone fruit tree blossoms followed by hints of cedar, vanilla, and cinnamon followed by flavors of raspberry, red fruit, espresso, and hard spices. Aged for 22 months in Oak and additional aging in the bottle result in velvety tannins and complex fruit.

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De Tierra The Puzzler Red Blend 2011

Syrah/Merlot Alcohol: 14.4% Total Cases Produced: 117
A rustic wine with good structure and burly tannins. Aged for 16 months, it offers red fruit, strawberry and hard spice notes. Created with grilling and barbecuing in mind, this wine is actually quite flexible and pairs nicely with grilled meat, spaghetti, tomato based pasta, or pizza.


De Tierra Syrah 2009

100% Syrah Alcohol: 14.5% Total Cases Produced: 175
The nose offers hints of plum, spice, and coffee. The front of the palate is a bright vibrant explosion of plum, berries, and cassis which opens into warm spices and notes of pear. The finish lingers with notes of ripe red fruit, coffee, and dark chocolate. Will cellar beautifully.


De Tierra EKEM Riesling Late Harvest 2009 (375 ml)

100% Riesling Alcohol: Total Cases Produced 170
This Trockenbeerenauslese style dessert wine has a residual sugar of 15.2% with elegant perfume notes of candied orange, Lychee, brioche, and apples. It has flavors of lychee, apples, pears, stone fruit, and patisserie flavors. It will pair beautifully with fruit based desserts like apple and pear tarts and pastries!

Located at the foot of Mt. Toro between the Santa Lucia highlands and Carmel Valley, the Corral de Tierra was first discovered by Spanish missionaries, and was named because a large damn of earth was built to collect water and fence in cattle. Author John Steinbeck later described this breathtaking landscape as the “pastures of heaven,” a fitting title for the source of such exquisite wine.

De Tierra Vineyard is a family-owned and operated winery producing handcrafted, award-winning wines from the Monterey County. The grapes are sourced from a handful of distinctive sites with cool microclimates and favorable yet unique soils. As the name suggests, we have focused on providing the best representation 'of the land' in Monterey County. Great wines begin in the vineyard, and it is our goal to translate unique flavors of place, into great Monterey.


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