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Bardolino, Italy

The history of the winery began in 1800 with Bartolomeo Zeni, a professional carter. He would carry the local goods, fish, olive oil, and wine, towards the villages along Lake Garda. Eventually he started trading wine, and his wine broker business was carried on by his son Gaetano. Gaetano's children gradually evolved the business into a family winery located in Bardolino along the sloes of the morainic hills above Lake Garda. Today the Zeni family still has an enthusiastic commitment to the art of winemaking and proudly produces great wines that represent over a century of family tradition.

2012 Zeni Marogne Valpolicella Ripassa

60% Corvina/30% Rondinella/10% Molinara Alcohol: 13.7%
This ruby red wine spent 12 months aging in Oak. It has a full-bodied bouquet with hints of black cherry and ripe fruit, followed by a rounded, velvety palate

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2011 Zeni Amarone Della Valpolicella

60% Corvina/30% Rondinella/10% Molinara Alcohol: 15%
Aged for 2-3 years in Oak, this vibrant wine has a nose of ripe fruit and spices with a perfectly rounded taste. Aerate before serving, and pair with red meat, game, beefsteak, and cheese.

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